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The About Brand

Marching parallel to the evolving timeline of India, Saraswat Bank enters into its 103rd year of service to the people. After established in 1918,  the Bank has witnessed important world events like the First World War, Second World War, India’s freedom struggle and the glorious post independence era. Standing the test of time, it has grown to be a pioneer in the urban co-operative banking sector in India, offering unparalleled financial services.

Challenge Work

website design

Saraswat Bank is an urban co-operative banking institution based all over India. They completed 100 years, and their marketing team decided to run 100 years campaign. They met Doodle Genie and requested them to design an exclusive online platform for their upcoming campaign 100 years.


Saraswat Bank wanted to do outdoor activity, where they wanted the creative and the media buying, planning, and execution of the outdoor campaign. This spread good visibility and increased brand the value of Saraswat Bank.


Saraswat bank wanted to create a SOP for their letter writing and Newsletter process. We hired a special content writers’ team and drafted a letter which will increase the viewers and which will directly impact the consumers.





Results work

We have redeveloped their website and have designed the content related to 100 years, which we have been highlighted in the website. 

Unluck Success with the Experts.

Sometimes, the outcomes we expect from working with experts may not align with reality. It’s essential to have clear expectations and communicate them effectively to avoid misunderstandings.

Not all experts are a perfect fit for every individual or project. Personalities, working styles, and methodologies can differ, which might lead to less productive collaborations.

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