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The About Brand

Softaculus is an IT & software based company. This company wanted to launch their new product Site pad, and they wanted to create website. 

Challenge Work

Our company Doodle Genie, gave them an idea for creating different website templates, we had built the whole new system in back end with setting 300 websites with high quality design. 

The target of the client was to reach to 15 million consumers with a whole to website outlay. We have completed this project in span of 6 to 9 months.



Results work

We had multiple teams which worked on the project and completed before time period. We have successfully launched their Product Site pad with help of these website templates. This client was associated with us for a year. 

Unluck Success with the Experts.

Sometimes, the outcomes we expect from working with experts may not align with reality. It’s essential to have clear expectations and communicate them effectively to avoid misunderstandings.

Not all experts are a perfect fit for every individual or project. Personalities, working styles, and methodologies can differ, which might lead to less productive collaborations.

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