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Similar Web

SimilarWeb is a site that gives web investigation ctrl_main_doodleistrations to organizations. It extrapolates information from a board of web clients who permit the checking of their web movement, joined with direct perceptions for a subset of web properties, for example, sites’ own traffic measurements.

Engage Marketing Teams to Drive Growth

  • Advertising Executives

All in one resource to discover development openings over all channels by uncovering your rivals’ promoting techniques: search, show, substance, offshoot and media purchasing exercises

  • Web optimization and Content

Develop your natural traffic by enhancing a lot of voice for every catchphrase; make more successful substance by recognizing moving watchwords and the most seen substance of any site

  • Partner and Media Buying

Manufacture, develop and screen your member organizations by finding what turns out best for your rivals; uncover the most significant accomplices with the most elevated importance to your contribution

  • PPC and Display

Viably immediate promotion spends by observing where your rivals are publicizing; uncover contenders’ inventive, presentation pages, advertisement organizations and arrangement methodology

Settle on Strategic Decisions Based on Deep Market and Competitive Analytics

  • Market Mapping and Benchmarking

Distinguish and benchmark the vital participants in a serious set; Evaluate the developing or declining entertainers; Determine industry patterns and techniques that can be imitated

  • Channel Acquisition

Assess the viability of how contenders are securing clients; Determine the channels and approaches that can be most effectively utilized

  • Client Behavior

Decide the segment cosmetics of the client base comparative with rivalry; Identify the locales shoppers are visiting and the substance they find generally captivating

  • Pipe Optimization

Contrast the change rate with contenders and recognize improvement territories along the buy channel; decide the open door misfortune the customer is looking to contenders

Engage Sales Teams with the Insights They Need

  • Lead Generation

Influence market insight to open new possibilities from Similar Web’s information base of over 80M sites

  • Lead Enrichment

Improve your lead scoring and steering measure by adding more significant information focuses to each lead (exceptional guests, topography, paid traffic, HQ area, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg)

  • Deals Engagement

Enable your business association with the experiences they have to change over more open doors into new business with a custom-made, consultative deals approach

  • Record Management

Comprehend and screen the computerized procedure of your clients to fortify connections and recognize upsell openings

Constant Digital Intelligence to Make Better Investment Decisions

  • Guide

Find computerized intonation focuses and reveal alpha open doors through many advanced measurements

  • Screen

Screen the computerized wellbeing, piece of the overall industry and serious situating of organizations

  • Approve

Increment conviction in speculation theories and approve the board informing

  • Influence

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